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Hello, my name is Eduardo, but you can call me Doodles. Welcome to my little personal website with blog posts, projects, and contact information. Just minimalistic pages with no JavaScript and lots of content. Make yourself at home.

Who am I?

I'm a young Brazillian full-stack software developer. I've been coding for nearly six years already and have worked on websites, web apps, desktop applications, mobile apps, and embedded devices, including robotics applications.

I develop my projects mostly for the fun of learning. I believe that privacy, security, and freedom are important. I'm a big enthusiast of free software, so most of my code is licensed either under some GNU GPL or MIT License. I also contribute to open-source software in my free time.

Explore this website

  • My blog

    Want to hear an inexperienced software developer ramble about the awful state of the web, minimalistic technologies and free software? Check out my blog, then.

  • Projects

    I've developed a multitude of projects along the years from web apps to full-blown robots, here I've a list of all of them. Or at least of all of them I've archived.

  • Contact

    So you want to email me, but don't want to use email? Send me a message through the contact page form.

  • When life gets in the way of enjoying it

    Since I’ve known myself as a person, I’ve had difficulties managing the so-called work and life balance. That’s not because I used to work too much, but because I did neither of the two. It’s only recently that I’ve experienced (what I believe to be) the other side of the spectrum, and it almost cost me everything.

  • Sit the fuck down and go study

    I’ve been a procrastinator for most of my life. The pain (and euphoria) of procrastinating may be familiar to you, if so I’m sorry. For me, the truth is that what it all boils down to, has always been and always will be boredom, not laziness.

  • Modern problems require old solutions

    Since the Aztecs and the old Greeks, some cultures thought that time is cyclical. Although possibly not physically correct, or at least in practice somewhat wrong, I believe there’s a big lesson to learn from looking at our past and trying to assimilate the similarities between the present and the past.

  • Why you need to own your platform

    Recently it came to my knowledge that people don’t understand why a domain, a website, cryptocurrency, or p2p communication is so important. Why not just use Tumblr, Twitter, or whatever to share your ideas. Maybe have your bigger stuff on Medium or whatever? But the thing is that platforms do not deliver the same things that owning your stuff does. Owning the platform you use to share content brings many advantages on the fronts of freedom, privacy, and independence.

  • The hitchhiker's guide to starting coding

    So you want to start programming, but you don’t know where to start learning from or even what you need to learn to start programming. Not knowing what to learn is one of the most common problems when people decide they want to become programmers or just to learn as a hobby, simply because it is a field so vast. I will recommend my favorite resources to get started and give you some pointers on how to not lose as much time as I have, in my six years of programming.

  • The hitchhiker's guide to free hosting

    Through all of my years developing for the web many things have changed in the way I developed stuff, but one thing didn’t: I don’t pay for a VPS. If you wonder how it’s possible to host web apps and websites without paying for hosting or putting credit cards, this guide is for you. I’ll cover hosting single-page applications, static site generator websites, websites that need server-side and databases, and also the best free subdomains.

  • The awful state of the web

    The web is broken. And most developers and users are making it worse. I’d like to preface this by saying I don’t really have the solution to all of the modern web problems, but I know that it’s completely broken and that we have to actively look for solutions to fix all of this mess.

  • What is this blog about?

    Well, although I have no content here yet since you’re already here I’d like to welcome you to my dev blog! I’ll be posting guides and ramblings about software development here very frequently, and you may get your updates through the RSS Feed. This blog focuses on minimalism, free software, and free stuff (because I’m a very cheap person).

  • My first blog post!

    Hey, if you’re able to read this it means Jekyll is very nice and working already on my website, which is very nice. I will find something to ramble about shortly and provide content for this blog. Also, this post has been updated, does this appear on the RSS feed? Only one way to know.